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Share Your Priorities for the NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots

This is a Request For Information (RFI) only.

Innovative research technologies have accelerated the rate at which biological data is generated, straining conventional mechanisms for distribution and analysis. In light of this, the National Cancer Institute is planning the creation of public Cancer Genomics Cloud pilots to support the access and use of large-scale genomics data. These data repositories with co-located computational resources will allow investigators to bring their analytic tools to the data, thereby increasing the speed of discovery and democratizing access to cancer genomics data.

To support this effort, the NCI requested the community’s input, and the responses have provided a summary of the current challenges and approaches to managing and analyzing large-scale genomic data. Through this process, NCI received a number of examples of the types of scientific analyses that a Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot project should address. These use cases are provided in the “Analysis Priorities” topic and we invite you to review, comment, and vote on their priority and relevance. Moreover, we welcome additional scientific analyses that should be considered as priorities for a Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot.

We also invite comments on the priority data sets that should be accessible for analysis through the Cancer Genomics Cloud pilots, in addition to DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, SNP array, and clinical data from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Additional data sets for consideration are captured in the “Data Priorities” topic.

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Use cases and comments submitted to the site are public. Your participation in this dialogue is voluntary, and no payments or gifts will be made to respondents. However, your participation will help ensure your expectations and priorities are considered. If you prefer not to create an account, you may submit your ideas or comments via e-mail to

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