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Analysis Priorities

Support multiple workflow tools and data access mechanisms

Galaxy and GenePattern are examples of systems that could provide access to data sets, pipelines, and publishable, shareable, and reproducible workflows. Ideally, existing familiar and popular platforms such as these would be supported. In addition to improving or enabling interactions between these tools, effort should be directed towards facilitating programmatic access to the underlying data in order to support custom... more »


12 votes

Data Priorities

Bringing Tools to Data to Avoid Data migration and redundancy

Most current approaches for BigData analysis involve moving data to a server, HPC infrastructure or cloud where the software tools and reference databases are pre-configured. This is inefficient since this approach requires making redundant copies of data each time and additional costs/time associated with moving data back and forth.
Since there is no single tool or workflow to analyze genomic data, multiple copies... more »


11 votes